Eagle One's "Greenwood"™ Recycled Plastic Lumber (high density polyethylene HDPE).

It begins with our lumber and why Eagle One's institutional grade eco-responsible "Greenwood"™ lumber is the finest in the industry:
    • extra heavy duty (50% denser than the competition)
    • rated institutional grade outdoor use, ergonomically designed for indoor comfort
    • perma-color and UV-stabilized for minimal sun fade
    • dura-membrane for impact, scratch and graffiti resistance
    • maximum environmental stress resistance under all climate conditions
    • zero moisture absorption minimizes mold, mildew and fungal growth
    • easy maintenance, clean with soap & water (does not require solvents or chemicals)
    • 5 year commercial warranty; Eagle One’s "Greenwood"™ lumber is rated for 25+ years to never splinter, rot or decay
    • furniture is assembled with stainless steel fasteners to resist corrosion
    • aesthetically beautiful the 10th year as it was its 2nd season
    • eco-smart: 10 lbs of EO’s "Greenwood"™ lumber recycles 400+ one gallon milk jugs
    • made in the USA

Eagle One’s "Greenwood"™ furniture will be as aesthetically beautiful the 10th year as it was its 2nd season.


Black Brown Cedar Driftwood Green White

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Satin (standard)

Compare HDPE Recycled Plastic Lumber To Other Materials:

Superior outdoor material! Outdoor furnishings made with Eagle One's never-rot recycled Greenwood™ HDPE lumber outperforms all other materials in product life and maintenance costs.


Plastic Lumber
Wood Wicker Plastic Metal Terracotta
DURABILITY Excellent Poor Poor Reasonable Good Reasonable
(cleaning only)
High High Almost None Some Some
SANDING None Frequent None None Some Some
PAINTING None Frequent Some None Some Some
CRACKS No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
CHIPS No Yes No Yes No Yes
ROT No Yes Yes No No No
RUST No No No No Yes No
STRENGTH Excellent Excellent Moderate Poor Excellent Brittle
COLOR Throughout Painted Coated Only Coated Only Painted Painted
AESTHETICS Excellent Good Excellent Looks Cheap Good Reasonable


Manufacturing with Eagle One's Greenwood™ HDPE recycled plastic lumber can be substituted in many of the same designs as wood furnishings. Let Eagle One's design team work with you on custom styles and finishes to provide unique and custom looks for your outdoor environment. Full color logos and designs may also be crafted into you outdoor furnishings, all done at Eagle One's manufacturing facility in the United States.

Special Projects:

Eagle One’s GREENWOOD™ Recycled Plastic Lumber has almost limitless uses, including but not limiting:

• Furniture • Storage Containers & Deck Boxes • Signs • Docks
• Seating • Truck Beds & Boat Trailers • Sea Walls & Back Stops • Agriculture
• Tables • Moldings & Trim • Pilings • Mail Boxes
• Recycling & Waste Containers • Speed bumps • Decks  
• Planters • Landscaping • Fences  

Eagle One's Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing can provide custom designs, styles and finishes usually 4-6 weeks faster than other domestic manufacturers, and 4-6 months faster than offshore manufacturers. Contact the "outdoor furnishing's" department for free quotes at 800-448-4409.


EAGLE ONE PRODUCTS Greenwood™ Limited Product Warranty

1. (a) What this Limited Warranty Covers:
This Limited Warranty covers substantial defects as set forth below.

(b) How Long This Limited Warranty Lasts:
Subject to the terms and conditions of the Limited Product Warranty, Eagle One Products (hereinafter "Manufacturer," "We" or "Us") warrants to the original consumer ("Consumer" or "You") of Greenwood™, ("Products") that, in normal applications the Products will not rot, splinter or decay under normal use for a period of twenty-five (25) years from the date of purchase (the "Warranty Period").

(c) What is Covered:
If the Products are found to be defective, We in our sole discretion will promptly repair or replace the defective Products, or refund Your full purchase price for the Products only (excluding labor). Refunds if any will only apply to that portion of Products that are actually determined to be defective, regardless of the collective amount of Products or services purchased.

(d) What is Not Covered:
Fasteners, cushions, fabric, labor, installation and/or reinstallation, other associated costs, removal of Product, inspection, architect, contractor or engineer expenses, shipping, freight costs, fabrication and time for on-site examination by others of proposed defects are not included with this limited warranty and shall not be paid by Us. This limited warranty only applies to Products directly manufactured by Us, which are returned to Us with transportation charges prepaid by You. Under no circumstances will We be responsible for ancillary costs and expenses incurred such as labor, removal, installation, re-installation, storage, time, freight or any other charge incurred by You, related to defective product We will have no warranty obligation with respect to the Product if any of the following events occur: (a) the Product is subjected to abuse, misuse, negligence, improper or abnormal use, failure to maintain, fire, or any accident including without limitation, acts of God, or environmental pollutants; (b) installation, storage, handling, fabrication, engineering, service, maintenance or use of the Product which is not in accordance with the written installation requirements and/or is performed improperly, negligently, or by unqualified or unauthorized personnel or without competent supervision and as specified by Our literature, applicable laws regulations and industry standards (c) movement and/or collapse of the ground or structure on which the assemblage(s) incorporating the Product is installed (e) any variation of color, including but not limited to fading, discoloration and spotting (f) issues arising from expansion and contraction, nor any signs of static electricity of the Product as both are inherent to the Product (g) the Product is materially altered or modified (except if prior written approval of Manufacturer is obtained after the original installation); or (h) We have not received full payment for the invoice price of the order containing the warranted Product.

(e) How to Get Service:
To make a warranty claim under this Limited Product Warranty, We shall receive from You (i) proof of date of purchase and purchase price, (ii) a photograph of the Product depicting the defect, (iii) a written description of claimed defects with name and address and contact information of the installer, if applicable. You shall send the warranty claim by mail within 30 days of discovering the claimed defect(s) to Attn: Warranty Claims Dept, Eagle One Products, 1340 N. Jefferson St., Anaheim, CA 92807. No alterations or repair shall be made prior to the warranty claim. You shall give Us (or our agents) reasonable access to the property and location where the Products are located for inspection purposes and shall retain such Products for inspection.

(f) Exclusive Limited Warranty:
We undertake no responsibility for the quality of the products except as otherwise provided herein.
To the extent permitted by law, Our limited product warrant and the remedies set forth herein are your sole and exclusive remedy and are offered by Us in lieu of all other warranties, guarantees and/or remedies whatsoever, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose, or other warranties or guarantees arising by operation of law, which are hereby expressly disclaimed. We assume no responsibility that the products will be fit for any other purpose for which You may be buying the products, except as otherwise provided herein. To the extent the products are installed for consumer application, the foregoing disclaimers may not apply. In no event shall We be liable to purchaser or third parties for special, incidental, consequential, punitive, economic, exemplary or other similar damages.

(g) Limitation of Liability:
Purchaser agrees that Our entire liability, under any warranty, whether in contract, in tort, in negligence or otherwise shall not exceed the amount of the purchase price paid. Under no circumstances shall Eagle One Products be liable for consequential, special or incidental damages, lost profits, loss of business or any other economic damages. The price stated for the Product is based upon and in consideration for limiting Our liability. Neither Manufacturer nor its representatives approve, recommend, or perform design review for specific applications of the Product(s). No person or entity is authorized by Us to make, and We shall not be bound by any statement or representation as to the performance or Product other than what is contained in this Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty shall not be amended or altered except in a written instrument signed by You and Us. All claims, causes of action or demands shall be made within one (1) year after the defect is discovered or the claim occurred. All claims or causes of action with respect to the products shall exclusively be asserted in a court of competent jurisdiction in Orange County, California.