About Eagle One - Commercial Outdoor Furnishings.

      Eagle One’s nearly 25 years of superior quality and lifestyle design provides you the value in outdoor furniture you’d expect from America’s premium institutional outdoor furnishing’s maker. Designed for all climates, Eagle One’s products only require occasional washing between seasons of outdoor exposure. It begins with our eco-responsible 100% "Greenwood"™ lumber, made from recycled plastic bottles. Every ten pounds of "Greenwood"™ lumber recycles approximately 400 one-gallon plastic bottles. By recapturing this waste stream you help reduce the harvesting of our eco-system and the gyre pollution in our oceans. Eagle One’s outdoor lifestyle collection is made in the USA and rated for institutional grade performance, the difference why Eagle One soars above all others.
      It begins with our lumber and why Eagle One’s institutional grade eco-responsible "Greenwood"™ lumber is the finest in the industry:
  • Starts with extra heavy duty institutional grade recycled "Greenwood"™ high density polyethylene lumber (HDPE).
  • Profiled for commercial outdoor use; ergonomically designed for indoor comfort.
  • Uses perma-color and is UV-stabilized for minimal sun fade.
  • Made with dura-membrane for impact, scratch and graffiti resistance.
  • Maximum environmental stress resistance under all climate conditions.
  • Virtually zero moisture absorption minimizes mold, mildew and fungal growth.
  • Extremely low maintenance for easy clean with just soap and water (does not require solvents or chemicals).
  • Eagle One’s "Greenwood"™ lumber is rated for 25+ years to not splinter, rot or decay.
  • Eagle One’s furniture is assembled with stainless steel fasteners to resist corrosion.
  • 5 year commercial use warranty.
  • Made in the USA.


      Eagle One’s "Greenwood"™ furniture will be as aesthetically beautiful the 10th year as it was its 2nd season.


      Please contact us and we can discuss your needs.